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Bass fishing trips to mexico.

The best sport fishing destinations worldwide are in Mexico, 

their natural conditions are favorable to produce trophy bass.

Trips include: transportation from the bus station or airport, 
all-inclusive hotel, local fishing guide and bass boat.

If the bass fishing is your passion, you are in the rigth place.

Our fishing destinations

Why fishing in México?

We have the best wuantity and quality of bass for sport fishing

Who we are and why you can trust us

We are a mexican specialicen travel agency in bass fishing wich provides sport fishing destinations to international fishermen through an online plataform where you can plan your bass fishing trip to mexico in ten minutes

“We are passionate fishermen and we are committed to offer a service of the hightest quality to give value to our customers”

Bass Travel Team

What do you want on your bass fishing trip to Mexico?

Break your record

We have destinations with bass of more than ten lbs, where you have more chances to fish big bass.

Discover impressive landscapes

The destinations where you will find the best landscapes and views, where you can appreciate the beauty of nature while you are fishing.

Having a fishing challenge

Some of our destinations, dammed by their natural conditions, represent a fun challenge for experienced fishermen.

Learning to fish bass

Destinations where you can have fun fishing even if you are not an experienced fisherman.

“There is something that happens when you are fishing that may be the best sensations that a human being can experience, because you are not thinking about the guilt and remorse of the past, nor about the expectations and hopes of the future, you are in the present, in the rigth now; where you can feel all that energy that nature gives you, the fresh breeze, the movement of the lure, the cooing of the waves; that immensity of water, of sky, of horizon, that connects with you through a very thin thread but that is enough to merge with everything.”

Eloy Rodríguez

Eloy Rodríguez

Bass Traveler and Director

Our additional services

You can complement your fishing trip.

To improve your adventure

VIP Guide

Lure package

Reels and rods

Photos and video

To know more about our reservoirs

To know more about our reservoirs

Check the reviews of our reservoirs to know what are the most productive techniques and lures in each season. The more you know about the place, the better prepared you will be to fish it.

We tell you

  • Structure and coverage of the reservoir
  • Forage species
  • Most productive rigs and lures


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